It's a fun, rewarding hobby and might become a necessity if Obama and the gun-grabbing left get their way...

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Hi, my name is Mike Walters and I'm editor of one of the leading websites in the world for practical information on living and surviving in hard times (economic and otherwise).

 In a minute, I'll tell you why I am going to send this report to you... and... why I am going to send it to you for free.  But first, let me reveal a small sample of the all the ammunition making tips, tricks and secrets you will discover in it...

  • 4 compelling reasons why you should consider taking up reloading as a hobby.    Pages 1-3
  • 4 ways the federal government and individual state governments are using to control and limit the amount of ammo you can purchase.  (This is happening right now nationwide with very real proposals being introduced.  Don't say you weren't warned!)  Page 2
  • The 4 components that make up a cartridge... that is... a fully-loaded round of ammunition that can be chambered in a gun and fired.  (Although simple, this basic information is crucial if you plan to reload.)  Pages 3-4
  • The basics of how a cartridge works.  (Again, this is simple but crucial information... Page 4
  • 2 things you should never do when dealing with gun powder... Page 5
  • Why putting either too much or too little powder in a case can be extremely dangerous, even fatal... Page 5
  • 3 advantages of reloading exclusively with new components... and... 1 disadvantage... Page 6
  • The 12 steps—start to finish—of reloading a ready-to-fire cartridge... Pages 6-15
  • Why—especially if you are new to reloading—you should buy and use only brand new brass cases... Page 7
  • 2 reloading guides you should get and use to select the correct type of powder for a given caliber and bullet weight... Page 8
  • The 8 sizes of primers used in reloading and how to determine which one your caliber takes.  (Important because primers are the only interchangeable item between calibers... and... it can get a little confusing.)  Page 8
  • An inexpensive type of bullet you'll want to reload and use for practice rounds... Page 9
  • What you need to know about "working up a load".  (You'll get 3 rules you need to keep in mind... because... unlike cooking recipes, you cannot alter or substitute ingredients safely... Pages 9-11
  • The difference between a starting charge and a maximum charge... and why... this is critically important from a safety and performance point-of-view... Pages 11-12
  • Why you want to start reloading with batch sizes of 50... Page 12
  • The 2 steps of charging a case with powder and why you should never measure powder by eyeballing it... Page 13
  • 3 reasons why you want to charge and seat the bullet in each case one at a time.  (Failure to follow this advice is not only dangerous, but will also result in a lot of repeated steps and frustration.)  Page 13
  • 2 dangers you face from improperly seating a bullet both too far and not far enough... and... how to avoid them... Page 14
  • The 6 steps of processing brass casings for reloading after they've been fired.  (If you start with new brass, it's not uncommon to get 8-12 or more reloads out of them before discarding.)  Pages 15-18
  • The best type of reloading press for the novice.  (You'll get 3 quality brands to choose from.)  Page 19
  • The bare minimum type of scale you should purchase for weighing your powder... Pages 19-20
  • How to ensure you don't dump too much or too little powder onto your scale each time you measure... Page 20
  • A great—and way faster way—to measure powder.  (This works especially well for pistol rounds... but... is not precise enough for long-range, precision rifles.)  Page 20
  • 10 other tools you'll need for reloading and how to determine what type or quality is right for you... Pages 21-22
  • 6 steps for determining the most accurate load for your particular type of pistol or rifle... Page 23
  • And much, much more!

As I said above, if Obama and the gun-grabbing left get their way, ammunition prices might skyrocket almost overnight.

Here's why: The Second Amendment is still holding up pretty well.  And the NRA—one of the nation's most powerful single-issue lobbying groups—is putting up a good fight to keep it that way.  That being the case...

The New Target Is Ammunition!

A well-know comedian actually joked about this many years ago.  He said, "You don't need no gun control, you know what you need?  We need some bullet control.  Men, we need to control the bullets, that's right.  I think all bullets should cost five thousand dollars... five thousand dollars per bullet.  You know why?  Cause if a bullet cost five thousand dollars there would be no more innocent bystanders." 

He was joking, of course.  And he got a big laugh.

BUT, it's actually starting to happen!  They may never reach $5,000 a piece, but, they are definitely going to get pricey.

Ammunition is already in high demand and short supply.  Just go to any gun show and watch as people wipeout seller after seller of every last piece of ammo they have.

If that doesn't worry you, it should.

Making your own ammunition really might become a necessity.  And even if it doesn't, it's still a great hobby, saving you money...

This report contains detailed information that every freedom-loving American should have.

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